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2011/09/21 03:24 – ANA Flight Attendants To Get iPads For Training

I’m using an iPad2 to help me go paperless. I’ve scanned several kilos of paper already and shredded or trashed the originals. ANA is also going paperless, using iPads. Hi-tech does not, unfortunately, prevent writers from misusing an adjective where an adverb is required. TOKYO Nikkei–All Nippon Airways Co. 9202 announced Tuesday that it plans […]

UPDATE 3-Japan power firms’ LNG use at record | Reuters

Some facts and figures on Japan’s energy use since March ’11: 15% more LNG, 12% less power (mouse-tip to AtomicRod). TOKYO, Sept 13 (Reuters) – Japan’s 10 regional power firms used a record 4.81 million tonnes of liquefied natural gas in August to help offset a record low nuclear utilisation rate in the wake of […]

Prime Minister NODA’s BLOG

Mr. Noda has a blog and it’s being translated into English. I wonder how long it will last. Any bets? (Original Japanese is here.) Mouse-tip to VOA reporter Steve Herman for the link. Hello to all the Japanese people. I am Yoshihiko Noda, appointed Prime Minister recently. Taking a lesson from some of the prime […]

Sunflowers ineffective in radiation decontamination | Majirox News

Apparently, the sunflowers are not doing their thing. Too bad. TOKYO majirox news — Sunflowers are virtually ineffective in soaking up radioactive cesium from contaminated soil, the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries MAFF on Sept. 14.Ministry officials carried out the tests from May in areas near the radiation-spewing Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant.Ministry officials […]

American’s Fukushima legacy lives on | The Japan Times Online

GE manager who helped build reactor had his remains interred in prefecture via American’s Fukushima legacy lives on | The Japan Times Online. Say, what? Yes, it’s true! A former GE manager lies buried in Fukushima, just a few kilometres from the plant now known throughout the world. He was brought in as Japan had […]

Tsunami debris floats across the Pacific towards Midway

This stuff could be floating around for a long time, ebbing back and forth across the Pacific. Yuk. [yframe url=’′] I’m reminded of the beginning of J.G. Ballard’s novel (and movie), “Empire of the Sun”, where the coffins float down the river, bump against ships, and break open … Anyone for a swim in Hawaii? […]

Initiative – entrepreneurs in Tohoku

There’s still a lot of gloom-and-doom, finger-pointing and anxiety-spreading “news” out there (some of it on this very blog no less), but I’m getting tired of that. Aren’t you? What I find interesting these days is initiatives like this one. Japan’s major convenience store operator Family Mart is this month launching a newly-developed fleet of […]

Who Owns Most of the World’s Gold?

It’s no surprise that governments, central banks, and investment funds are world’s largest holders of gold reserves. These organizations know gold is the ultimate store of value that protects against inflation and offers a safe haven during times of economic and geopolitical turmoil.To find out who owns the most gold in the world, we referred […]

Triumph of hope over experience

Now that all eyes are on Japan’s new “leader” and his fellow “leaders”, and expecting great things from them, namely the swift cleaning up of all radiation contamination, reconstruction of the tsunami/earthquake devastated areas, putting the Japanese economy back on the path to growth, lowering the strong yen, and generally leading the Japanese into the […]

2011/09/06 13:09 – Number Of Welfare Recipients In Japan Nears Record High

Woah! The number of welfare recipients in Japan totaled 2,031,587 as of May, just short of the highest-ever monthly average of about 2.04 million recorded in fiscal 1951 in the aftermath of World War II, a government tally showed Tuesday. via 2011/09/06 13:09 – Number Of Welfare Recipients In Japan Nears Record High. I recommend […]