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#Radioactive Compost Has Been Sold in 23 Prefectures | EX-SKF

So you thought caesium in beef was the worst there is to worry about? Silly you! It’s attracting far less attention, but the radioactive leaf compost is getting to be like the radioactive beef.First, it was 20,000 bags sold in Akita. Then, an unknown number of bags sold in Tottori link in Japanese. Now it […]

Video with English Caption: Professor Tatsuhiko Kodama of Tokyo University Tells the Politicians: “What Are You Doing?” | EX-SKF

From EX-SKF. I make a brief comment below the videos. (If you don’t see the caption, click on the “cc” on the player menu bar to turn on the caption.) Please share the videos with your non-Japanese-speaking friends. Original written posts are here: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3. Captioned Video Part 1 of 2 […]

S.O.S. from Fukushima – a call to action

I recently received the following email from Caroline, now living in Sweden, who formerly lived in the Kansai area. I think her suggestion is a good one, and I have heard that some folks are already doing this. She writes, “Either the government is totally incompetent, or they are purely evil.” There is a third […]

The Nuclear Green Revolution: Were the Japanese Engineers Who Built Fukushima Incompetent?

Don’t be fooled by the polite tone at the beginning of this article, which starts by questioning someone who questions the competence of Japanese engineers for building a nuclear power plant right in the path of a tsunami and earthquake. How could they be so foolish! As the article progresses, he takes the gloves off. […]

Arnie Gundersen going international | Atomic Insights

I wish I hadn’t started reading this at 10 pm. The comments are fascinating. More proof that Marxian polylogism  is rampant. C.S. Lewis’s send up of this type of “thinking” (from Book Three, chapter VIII of “Pilgrim’s Regress”) : Jailor: “You there… what is argument?” Master Parrot: “Argument is the attempted rationalization of the arguer’s […]

Taxes, taxes and more taxes

No. 1 The government is set to provisionally raise taxes and secure around 700 billion yen in funds to pay damages to people who filed lawsuits over mass hepatitis B infections, sources close to the matter said Wednesday.The tax hike would come over a five-year period starting next April, and the government will finalize the […]

Minimum wage increases to shrink / National average rise estimated at 6, yen down from 15 yen in fiscal 2010 : Business : DAILY YOMIURI ONLINE The Daily Yomiuri

A step in the right direction, but is it for the right reasons? A government advisory panel on Tuesday decided increases in hourly minimum wages this fiscal year should range from 1 yen to 18 yen depending on the prefecture.Under the proposal, the rise in fiscal 2011 would stand at a national average of 6 […]

Too little, too late? Radiation survey meets skepticism / Fukushima Pref. residents asked to recall diet, activities from 4 months ago : National : DAILY YOMIURI ONLINE The Daily Yomiuri

FUKUSHIMA–Worries about health problems stemming from radiation leaked from the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant have not eased among residents in Fukushima Prefecture.Although the Fukushima prefectural government has decided to carry out health checks on all of the about 2 million residents in the prefecture, some experts have questioned whether exact radiation exposure can […]

Fukushima, IFRs and an MIT debate « BraveNewClimate

I think the lesson of Fukushima is that natural disasters cause deaths that we can’t always avoid. via Fukushima, IFRs and an MIT debate « BraveNewClimate. Some good sense being talked in this article at Brave New Climate science blog. What else has been learned? 4) We learned that 40 years ago, people didn’t design […]

Spotting a pain in the bum at the office | 世論 What Japan Thinks

This online survey is interesting. It’s supposed to be about offensive or annoying office behaviour. But look at the range of responses! There is a well-known behaviour called in Japanese 足を引っ張る – which does not mean a practical joke, but pettily criticizing others and getting in their way, ruining their efforts, holding them down. Looking […]