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Japan throws out its conservative government after 50 years

Image by Getty Images via Daylife Here are some links I found today: From the Telegraph: Japanese election: Hatoyama’s agenda includes tax breaks and distance from the US Yukio Hatoyama wooed the Japanese electorate with an agenda for change, but the 62 year-old nicknamed the Alien is an unlikely revolutionary. Japan votes for a new […]

Meltdown in Japanese – just in time for the election?

Image via Wikipedia “Meltdown”, historian Thomas Woods‘s book on the origins and causes of the present financial crisis, based on Austrian Economics Business Cycle Theory, has been translated into Japanese, and can be bought on Amazon Japan. Woods’ own summary/review can be read on the Lew Rockwell website. Just in time for the Japanese elections. […]

Other people’s lives, or Carlin and Nock

Image via Wikipedia Do you read autobiographies? I read a lot of books, but autobiographies is not a genre that has attracted me much for most of my life. At a certain stage of his life, my dad  read and recommended autobiographies to me . I remember one. It was the autobiography of actor Dirk […]