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What is a university degree worth?

The Times Higher Education website reports that the UK Guild of Educators has been discussing the question, decided that nobody knows the answer, and that the solution is for the Guild, perhaps together with the Quality Assurance Agency, to create a national standard of degree results. First, it’s worth recalling what a “guild” is and […]

Atlas Shrugged revival

(The first part of this post is cross-posted from another blog of mine). As well as re-reading Atlas Shrugged for the next session of my Reading Group, I’ve also assigned The Fountainhead to a returnee student whose English is fluent. I’ve been creating worksheets for him, and will be posting them online, possibly here. According […]

Work till you drop… it’ll stave off Alzheimer’s!

Image via Wikipedia Well, well. First we get this reminder from the Telegraph (reminding us of who is really working for whom) and then barely two weeks later, this from the BBC: Keeping the brain active by working later in life may be an effective way to ward off Alzheimer’s disease, research suggests. There’s a […]

Aoyama Gakuin University forcing students to carry tracking devices!

Image via CrunchBase In a good example of journalese, the JapanProbe headline screams: Aoyama Gakuin University forcing students to carry tracking devices with a picture of an iPhone. At least one of the commenters is alert and informed, and effectively counters the title’s hyperbole: Comment by jikku 2009-05-17 18:34:27 The title of this article is […]

Is anyone minding the store?

Image via Wikipedia Mousetip to Douglas French at Mises Institute. And speaking of “enough”….Here’s another video of Grayson questioning Geithner. Image via Wikipedia I recommend the following digital products: WP GDPR Fix, a WordPress plugin that quickly and easily helps you make your WP blog GDPR compliant. Brett Kelly’s “Evernote Essentials”, Dan Gold’s $5 guides […]

Why the John Galt strategy won’t work

Image by sushiesque via Flickr The Mogambo Guru (TMG, as he phrase it) is a regular contributor to Bonner and Wigginson’s “The Daily Reckoning” and in a recent piece he explains why the John Galt strategy won’t work, and at the same time, why Michelle Malkin‘s strategy won’t work, either: Dr. Helen Smith, who is […]

Something is destroying British education, says former Chief Inspector of Schools

Image via Wikipedia Chris Woodhead, a man many teachers loved to hate when he was Chief Inspector of Schools under the Conservative and then Labour governments, 1994-2000, has written a book in which he expresses his views about British education. An excerpt was published in the Times (online), May 10, 2009. Fifty years ago the […]

Sign along the dotted line and work for 50 year

Hey-ho. Britons will have to work until the age of 70, at least five years beyond the current retirement age, if the Government is to stand any hope of bringing public debt under control over the next decade, a report claims. What if folks decided they didn’t care about bringing public debt under control? What […]

Reading Rand can be good for business

John Allison retired at the end of last year as CEO of BB&T: he had recently shepherded it through the worst banking crisis since the Great Depression, leaving it in fairly good shape. He’s certainly seen as a success where many others in his field have failed miserably as of late…“We didn’t do negative-amortization mortgages,” […]