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‘Oldest English words’ identified

According to a BBC report, (my emphasis) Some of the oldest words in the English and other Indo-European languages have been identified, scientists believe. Reading University researchers say “I”, “we”, “two” and “three” are among the oldest in use and date back as much as 40,000 years. Using a computer model, the team analysed the […]

Court rejects suit by teachers who refused to stand up for anthem

Japan Today reports, The Hiroshima District Court on Thursday rejected a lawsuit filed by current and retired teachers who sought nullification of disciplinary actions they received by the Hiroshima prefectural education board for refusing to stand up and sing the ‘‘Kimigayo’’ anthem at school ceremonies. In handing down the ruling to 45 plaintiffs, also including […]

Mad Science: Five brain-manipulating technologies that prove Dollhouse exists right now

I’ve never heard of “Dollhouse”, and now I’m wishing I hadn’t read this article. Woah. Joss Whedon‘s new show Dollhouse is about a secret organization that supplies mind-wiped sex ninjas to the rich. It’s not set in the future because neuromanipulated technoslaves could exist today. Here’s proof. 1. We can erase people’s memories.Back in October […]

When is a dangerous drug not a dangerous drug?

The Cough —-not Strawberry Cough Originally uploaded by BodhiSativa Photography Judging from this BBC report about the possible downgrading of the drug ‘ecstasy’, the answer would appear to be “when the British government puts it in the ‘dangerous’ category”. Over the past few months in Japan, there have been a number of cases of young […]