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The urge to save humanity

The urge to save humanity is almost always a false front for the urge to rule. – H.L. Mencken The same point was made by Ayn Rand in both her fiction and non-fiction, but I found it hard to accept. Where is the evidence, I wanted to know. Well, today, I found it, on Austrian […]

Monty Python turns tables on the YouTube pirates

Monty Python’s Smart Choice is a short blog entry by Jeffrey Tucker, and forms the latest in a series he’s been writing about copyright.  Gizmodo, where Tucker found the original news about the Monty Python YouTube channel, adds, A controlled release of free material keeps people from resorting to piracy and keeps them in your […]


HAPPY NEW YEAR 2009!! Originally uploaded by amayzu Best wishes for the new year. Here’s a roundup of blogs and websites I’ve been visiting over the break. The winter break here in Japan starts Jan 1 and this year lasted until today, Sunday 4th. Most schools and businesses restart Monday 5th. If you’d like to […]