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Caption competition

I love them. Practice your wit and inventiveness here (or just lol at the wit of others: there’s plenty, scroll down to the comments for better ones). My favourite: Balls, where did I leave my keys? I recommend the following digital products: WP GDPR Fix, a WordPress plugin that quickly and easily helps you make […]

Symantec to identify safe software by ‘reputation’

This article on ZDNet (Oct. 24th, 2008) says that Symantec will soon introduce a “reputation-based” software-rating technology that it has claimed can accurately differentiate malicious malware from legitimate programs. “Reputation-based security is the latest and greatest technology in malware detection,” said Basant Rajan, chief technology officer of the IT security vendor’s India office… “When seeking […]

Which Japanese people are known in New Zealand?

NZ by bbqkarubi This might be of use in English-language or culture classes: A Japan Probe entry tells of a Japanese quiz program that asked New Zealanders which Japanese people they were familiar with. A Japanese quiz show recently traveled to a foreign country and asked people on the street to name famous Japanese people. […]

$700 billion is nothing

Woah. I recommend the following digital products: WP GDPR Fix, a WordPress plugin that quickly and easily helps you make your WP blog GDPR compliant. Brett Kelly’s “Evernote Essentials”, Dan Gold’s $5 guides to Getting Everything Done with Evernote and Springpad, and DocumentSnap Solutions’ Paperless Document Organization Guides. Be sure to try DocumentSnap’s free email […]

Keynote presentation, and my note-taking system

(Photo credit: Sequence: Gene of my life, by Hawkexpress on Flickr) I’m now working on my keynote speech for the Nara JET Mid-year seminar. I made a draft handout on Google Docs, so that I can access it from work and school. I already sent the handout to the Institute where the seminar will be […]

Paranoid but prescient: compliment or put-down?

MarketWatch writer Peter Brimelow wrote an article entitled Paranoid but prescient which mentioned a financial newsletter I have sometimes read: Harry Schultz. Basically, Brimelow was giving Schultz some credit, albeit grudgingly. So Schultz and his ilk (definitely a minority) have been proved right. But how did they know? Brimelow gives us just two choices, both […]

Sex education in UK schools… and sex on the beach in Dubai

(Cartoon by mac at the UK’s (Daily) Mail Online, from Google Images ). The recent announcement from the British government that “lessons about personal, social and health matters including sex and relationships will be compulsory in all England’s schools from ages five to 16”, which I blogged about yesterday, has created many ripples. Here’s an […]

Japanese version of “The Office” and other Japan news

Thanks to Japan Probe, I discovered that the British comedy series The Office had a Japanese inspiration. Like The Office itself, people seem to either love it or not find it funny at all. And speaking of Japan news, those foreigners living in Japan may be glad to know that the term “gaijin” has been […]

Sub-prime and financial meltdown explained

A highly respectable and knowledgable British invesment banker is interviewed by another highly respectable British interviewer to give you the basics of the recent upheavals in the financial markets. Short, sweet, brilliantly funny. Hat-tip to Tim Ferriss for the video. Ferriss, author of the phenomenal book The Four-Hour Workweek, uses this video to head the […]

Japan’s food statistics

A friend’s shared Google Reader feed alerted me to this video created for the Japanese Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (MAFF). It contains some interesting statistics, and begs some interesting questions. E.g.: Japan only produces about 40% of the food it consumes. This is the lowest among all major developed nations. This is the […]