I read a lot, and I’ve been implementing Evernote Ambassador and paperless mentor Jamie Rubin’s method for making digital notes of real books. He takes a photo of the text in the book, then underlines it by editing the photo with

Paperless guru Brooks Duncan also recently blogged about his new method, which involves using a mind-mapping technique.


When I start a new book, I create a mind map. As I am going through the book, I build out the mind map with any key points, things I want to remember, and action items.

There are many ways to create a mind map, but I have been using MindNode on my iPhone and iPad. I like how it syncs via iCloud, so I can add to the map on whatever device I have with me, or with MindNode Pro on the Mac. On Android, I hear that SimpleMind is good.

When the book is done, I will have the key information in a visual form that I can review later, and I can pull out the action items to start implementing them.

via 02-19-2014 – [DocumentSnap] How I Read Books.