TEPCO’s English page informing the public about progress on the transfer of fuel from Reactor 4’s Spent Fuel Pool (SPF) to a safer location has not been updated since Feb. 10th, but the Japanese page has (that’s 27.3%). This is a very tricky procedure fraught with risk, so I cheer every additional successfully relocated fuel-rod. Of course, that still leaves 72.7% PLUS 3 other reactors, but hey! Let’s take a “glass half full” view of this, I say.


移送燃料の種類(使用済:396体/1331体、新燃料:22体/202体) キャスクの輸送回数 19回更新日:2014年3月3日毎週月曜日に更新します(祝日の場合は翌営業日に更新します)

via 福島第一原子力発電所4号機からの燃料取り出しの進捗状況|東京電力.