How to waste tax-payers’ money 101

As of March 2009, Japan‘s population is 127,076,183,

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The Japanese government hires one million people. Compare this to the 1.7 million hired by the US government, to govern a population thrice as large as Japan’s. I don’t advocate kicking people out of jobs, but there are clearly inefficiencies that must be eliminated.

[Japan] bought 179 F-35s when they’ve only built 63 (ever) [i.e. when only 63 have been built – by the U.S., that is, Japan doesn’t build them] and cost hundreds of millions of dollars per aircraft.

quantitative easing (if, like Pooh and me, you did know what QE is but have forgotten, these articles are helpful: “Does QE work? Ask Japan” and Wikipedia’s “Quantitative Easing: In Japan“)

subsidies for electric cars (for why this might not be a good idea, Google “Broken Window Fallacy“, or, like the author of Save Japan, read Hazlitt’s classic “Economics in One Lesson“; free PDF download available from

via [Weekend Countdown]: 8 Reasons Why Japan Should Not Increase its Consumption Tax « Saving Japan.

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